⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Cycling the Jones Beach Boardwalk, NY in its Entirety (August 9, 2020)

I ride my bicycle through the entirety of the Jones Beach Boardwalk in Nassau County, Long Island, NY.

From Wikipedia:
“Jones Beach State Park (colloquially “Jones Beach”) is a state park of the U.S. state of New York. It is in southern Nassau County,[6] in the hamlet of Wantagh, on Jones Beach Island, a barrier island linked to Long Island by the Meadowbrook State Parkway, Wantagh State Parkway, and Ocean Parkway.

The park – 6.5 miles (10.5 km) in length – is renowned for its beaches (which, excepting the beach on Zachs Bay, face the open Atlantic Ocean) and furnishes one of the most popular summer recreational locations for the New York metropolitan area. It is the most popular and heavily visited beach on the East Coast, with an estimated six million visitors per year.

Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater, an outdoor arena in the park, is a popular musical and concert venue. The park also includes a two-mile (3.2 km) long boardwalk. It once featured dining and catering facilities that were popular sites for private parties and weddings; these have been shut down.

Jones Beach is named after Major Thomas Jones, a major in the Queens County militia in the 1600s who established a whaling station on the outer beach near the site of the present park.”

Google Maps Route:

Filmed August 9, 2020

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  1. Byranitar

    Love this!

  2. Peter Shugert

    Wonderful solitary seaside bicycle ride..no red traffic lights..just the fresh ocean air and the music of AK's bicycle tires thumping over the wooden Boardwalk planks.  Music to my ears.

  3. Keith Rolland

    Empty for August on a weekend

  4. Laurie W

    hi ak 🙂 beautiful to see the sights and sounds of this area and another awesome virtual bike ride. i loved it and thanks again so much for posting this for our enjoyment and motivation! felt like i was there….

  5. Vittorio Re

    I don't see trees, they used it to make the wooden bike path?

  6. Chiquita Jackson

    Hey Action Kid enjoyed seeing the the beach

  7. James Outerbridge

    Brother, thank you. I suffer from PTSD and hardly leave home and I miss being out and visiting places I used to enjoy but with your adventures you allow me to go there and witness what is going on in my old stomping grounds. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are good medicine!

  8. Bob Zahniser

    Thanks. Being stuck inside is a bit more palatable with your vids! 🙂

  9. New York Walker

    Great ride thank for sharing. Greetings

  10. vsboy 25

    It seems safe the media around the world saying NYC is a no go zone.

  11. GMP NY

    Thanks for posting. A very nice ride!

  12. Matthew

    Great bike ride, shame about part of track being closed though.

  13. Helen Gigante

    Getting very angry..Transit lobbyists, fanatical fools who are funded by billionaire developers, are setting the island up for international tourism and commercial development opportunity ie over-tourism…think: beaches and wineries…parking lots converted to office parks serviced by buses not cars etc…the island can barely handle the regions residents…now they are attempting destroy the island for their own gain…If its not stopped..watch as it play out…remember how it happened in NYC…LI: demonize single family housing, attempt to rezone, argue for sewers and denser housing…demonize the car and try to redesign the roadbed under the pretext of pedestrian safety, and get everyone but the 1%-5% onto bikes, buses bus lanes and busways. Transportation Alternative et al…they need to be kept out…kneecapped.. and yet, here they, or one of their satellites, are with their tentacles solidly into Jones Beach..cheapening it like they cheapened and turned NYC into ugly-looking non-functional city. No..to the painted lines on boardwalks..No..to the weighted road cones on the boardwalk and no to the boulders. Get a law firm on board to permanently REMOVE the barricades and signage in the center median of the boardwalk….that middle lane is needed for WALKERS…people who, for whatever reason, find it more difficult to walk on diagonal planks. Once again, the ortho injured, elderly and disabled were thrown overboard trying to cram in a jerry-rigged bike path…those barricades destroy a walkers pace…just like they did in NYC with unaligned corners and the non- directional corner cuts…destroying a walkers pace. Bikers should dam well know how to conduct themselves on the boardwalk..they always have..its not hard…simply dont speed, be mindful of others and walk it if too crowded. It was never a problem. However, cheapen the boardwalk with this redesign stupidity., you will lose Jones beach. …the same goes with bike lanes on roadbeds…exodus thats happening in the city because of it, will happen to the Island. An alienated tax base is, after all, an eroding tax base. NYC is relearning the lesson the hard way. Transportation Alternatives et al is selling snail oil. Heads should roll over allowing Transportation Alternatives et al to get a toehold in Nassau and Suffolk as all they had to do was look at what the upshot of seedy roadbed and manufactured congestion has done to NYCf

  14. Helen Gigante

    None of this redesign should be allowed..ruining JonesBeach…I dont want to about low bridges being a racist barrier…nope..parkways were built to be scenic..Moses was a racist but the bridges were built low to keep commercial traffic off and bus stops were always there…you take LIRR to Freeport or other stations…its longer than a car but the parkways were meant to be scenic ride and the boardwalk a stroll on a ocean-liner…no one would ever have allowed this kind of cheapening of Jones beach environment…so dont even try the racial justice towards this because history calls your bluff…appalling what Im seeing vs original intent..even in lean times, there were less flowers, less people working on upkeep but never was the boardwalk trashed. Beauty meticulously kept and accessible to all…gone..trashed..just like they did to NYC

  15. Stephanie Stearns

    This place is huge. Imagine when the parking lots are full…? Thank you for this nice ride on a nice day.

  16. PinePowerLI

    Nice day. Like the western portion the best.

  17. Skooter623

    I just finished The Power Broker, Robert Moses’s Jones Beach is all over it

  18. Bang Ode Vlog

    How to use your camera bro..?

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