⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Cycling to Jones Beach from Jamaica, Queens, NYC (August 9, 2020) – Narrated

I ride my bicycle to the most popular beach on the East Coast: Jones Beach in Nassau County, Long Island from Jamaica, Queens, NYC at the 179th Street (F) Subway Station.

Google Maps Route:

Filmed August 9, 2020

5:24 – Hollis
10:55 – St. Albans
14:16 – Cambria Heights
17:55 – North Valley Stream, Nassau County, Long Island
29:37 – Malverne
37:18 – Lakeview
38:42 – Rockville Centre
48:23 – Baldwin
52:06 – Freeport
1:01:46 – Merrick
1:07:26 – Bellmore
1:15:16 – Wantagh
1:18:00 – Cedar Creek Park
1:20:25 – Jones Beach Bikeway

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  1. Diana Jones-Ramos

    Oh yea I remember the long ride from Bk to Jamaica on the train, then the bus to 197th. Damn I miss my home. I'll be coming home soon as the covid is gone. Could you ride through the Promenade?

  2. Dorothy Merrell

    I really enjoyed the video, you must have legs of iron. Wind can be a bicyclists best friend if it’s at your back but when you have it in your face it’s sure no fun.

  3. Bill G

    1:02:20 … My grandparents lived 100 yards ahead on the right just before the train tracks. I think if I had ever told them I was riding my bike to Jamaica, they would have questioned my intelligence but you made it look easy. Thanks for the flash backs. I don’t want to live in NY but I always felt safe riding my bike around Nassau county in the early 70’s

  4. MajorMomentMedia

    Looks like u have a electric bike or scooter so really not a cycle

  5. Ferdinand Cesarano

    51:22 – You ask: "If you didn't have a navigation app, how are you supposed to know" the various small details of one road turning into another, or a road having a discontinuous section?

    The obvious answer is: the same way we knew these things before navigation apps existed, namely, by studying the map and planning a route. That's how you discover those various sorts of pitfalls.

    You plot the route by looking at the map, writing it out on an index card and going over it in order to learn it and commit it to memory. You bring this index card with you so that you can pull it out and glance at it during natural stops at red lights. But, really, the acts of writing and re-reading the card will have helped you remember the details, so that there will be very little need to look at the card.

    Of course, no one's memory is perfect; so it is certainly possible to get lost, and to have to stop and consult the map so as to get back on track. But this is not a bad thing, because this helps increase your learning.

    And learning — developing a mental map of where you are — is the whole point of navigating. You must *understand* your route. But if you are just turning where you're told to turn, you'll never achieve understanding and you'll never build this mental map; as a result, you've deprived yourself of a huge part of the fun of bike riding.

    I have ridden my bike several times to Philadelphia and back from my home in New York City. And one time I even rode all the way down to Washington. In no case did I use the route selector of Google Maps to choose my route; and I certainly didn't use any navigation app while I was riding. I just looked at the map in Google Maps, the exact same way we all looked at paper maps when we were kids. I then studied the route until I knew it, becoming very excited to put this knowledge into practice while I was doing the rides. And I followed the same process every day I spent in either Philadelphia or Washington, thereby enriching my mental maps of those cities. This made these experiences so much more pleasurable; I honestly don't think I would even want to do these rided if I were just waiting for cues from a navigation system to tell me where to turn.

    Google Maps is a remarkable invention. But what a terrible irony if this technology induced people to spend less time studying maps!

    And a GPS navigation system is a great tool to use in an emergency. However, it should never be any bicyclist's primary means of doing rides.

  6. Cool People and Places

    This makes me want to go on a ride. Gonna get my bike out this evening!

  7. ciel222

    GREAT VIEW of these residential areas of Jamaica Queens.

  8. cjgeist

    Is it bad that Seaman Avenue made me giggle? "I like Seaman, give me some more Seaman Avenue" 😀

  9. Silvio A

    54:45 that's where I attended 5th and 6th grade 🙂 good 'ol Freeport. you're all over the place, man! loving the videos

    The building on the right is the administration building. I believeee it's for the entire district.

    PS – as a head's up, the Meadowbrook doesn't have a bike path or any feasible way of riding along it!

  10. John Rogers

    Wow it's great to see that field 4 boardwalk and sand again.! That was always thee spot for every cool teenager. On that very spot, in the summer of 1972 you would have heard dozens of transistor radios blasting the huge #1 song that summer: "All Right Now" by the band 'Free'. Ah, I can jump into that very moment at that spot, in my memory banks.! What a trip AK.! You inspire many people and in many ways. You are a big success.

  11. QueensNative

    Great video!

  12. Db Berns

    My 5 keshe foundation 5 cups up on db berns youtube now

  13. AtomicPunk

    You may want to invest in a bulletproof vest for the tours of the hood.

  14. Paula Leung

    That’s a long ride. You should obey traffic signals and stop signs.

  15. Wink NY21

    funny all the cars are black (dark) or white. No red, no blue, no green, no yellow, just black or white.

  16. Kelvin Thompson

    You were so close to where I live when you were riding down Seaman ave. It's very confusing, when you start heading south.

  17. Columbus Calvin

    I have used Google Maps, but they often give me a long route when I'd be comfortable that goes on trails or residential areas using streets and highways.

  18. MPC Omega

    Started out in my hood!

  19. GMP NY

    Excellent video!! Very enjoyable from start to finish.

  20. Oscar Gonzalez

    Oh the seizures at 1:18:45! Just teasing. Great video. I get to see NYC and Long Island from my phone!

  21. Richard Wilson

    Don't pronounce the "g" in Wantagh (I used to live there). Also, the last time I rode bike to Jones Beach I got yelled at by cops because, like you, I left the bike path to check things out. They are very strict about not allowing bikes off the bike path. You must have wondered why there were no other bikers on the boardwalk or the tower area. Great trip and excellent video

  22. debra brown

    Thanks for your POV!


    Nice to see my old stomping ground again ,Bellmore Ave,used to work two blocks away from the LIRR..great content as usual AK.

  24. WILLY G.

    How you get back? Bike too or train??

  25. Jay M

    You love Seamen ay?

  26. Arthur Hill

    I grew up in near Hollis ave.

  27. Arthur Hill

    Great video. 79st was my nearest subway stop growing up. I'm familiar with the area in Queens and appreciating seeing the bike friendly route in Long Island. Look forward to seeing your other videos

  28. Stephanie Stearns

    Eeeeee sa eeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhs – lol

  29. Darlene Shriver

    The roads are crap! Luv seeing these parts of the city!

  30. HeNaFi

    I used to have a delivery route all over those towns. brings back memories

  31. Sonny Laracuente

    The g in Wantagh is silent. Silly Long Island names. Great ride!

  32. 991 carrera s

    Thats one crazy dangerous ride. Im in charlotte nc but lived in malverne it was nice to see you ride past my high school&middle school and other places i recognize all the way to jones beach. Great ride!

  33. phunpack

    You rock, ride on

  34. Cristela Martinez

    This is wonderful. Enjoyed the scenery. Didn’t know these places existed until now. Beautiful!!

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