100lb Sand Tiger Shark Caught off of Beach in Ocean City, NJ! #LBI

Caught this all around 8PM applying a king fish head in Ocean city, NJ.
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  1. Amanda Cannon

    wow! what street was this on?

  2. Harry Guinan

    Awesome catch! What did you use for bait?

  3. Josh Bakan

    Hello, I'm an editor for Ocean City Patch. I'd love to share this video and write a little more about it. If you'd be interested in a short interview, please let me know the best way I can get in touch with you. Or email me at josh.bakan@patch.com. Thank you.

  4. Connor Warfield

    Crap I’m staying on 51st street. Do you know if these type of sharks are aggressive?

  5. sun beagle

    Very nice. If someone wants your reel tell them to go get their own.

  6. Glock232

    Creepy stare guy needs to learn how to lift rod, reel down.

  7. I Love Gymnastics

    I was there yesterday but on like 11th street idk

  8. Cruze's Louisiana Outdoors

    Cool video and channel buddy! Left ya a sub…hit us back when you can thanks!

  9. Jon B

    Not to brag but I witness this in person

  10. BassBitesFishing

    Did u kayak this out?

  11. The Fishing Adventures of Catterman

    You guys basically drowned that fish. Leaving it that far out of the water line is a big no-go. Next time, move immediately to remove the hook and snap a shot of it while you're releasing it and make sure it swims off strong. Every second counts with these guys.

  12. Richard Catalina, Jr.

    Nice sand tiger. Please keep in mind, everyone, that it is illegal to pull them out of the water. You have to remove the hook with the shark in the wash. Dragging them up the beach is not only illegal (possible fines) but it can injure the fish. Sand tigers and browns (all ridge back sharks for that matter) are prohibited species under federal law. Just an FYI if you catch one. Stay healthy.

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