18 Foot Surf in New Jersey!? #LBI

These days was gnarly!! All the surf web pages predicted 18ft surf in New Jersey!? I understood it was to good to be accurate, but capturing that day & this crazy wind storm was the most enjoyment I have experienced in a extensive time taking pictures a VLOG. I hope every person is remaining secure & striving to delight in quarantine. Thanks for all the stoke & love! – Appreciate Ben

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  1. Brannon Evans

    Come on, Got to have coffee.

  2. Adam Hynes

    Watching you surf the ideal dream locations is great but to tell the truth I CANNOT get bored of watching you going out and making the best of less than ideal conditions, that's what most of us do most of the time. Its totally. relatable. Loved this ep!

  3. ed young10

    El dumpo?

  4. Simbob Simbob

    ben's partner- this is horrible ben- this is gnar XD

  5. stuart barickman

    Haha your face when you saw that trash can in the water.

  6. DudeK DudeK

    That's more damage then we normally get way down here in SwFla!! We go years Thankfully without seeing this kind of damage way down here !! It's hot like summertime now in mid April!!

  7. Todd Euliano

    Now that board retrieval was pure entertainment!!! Epic!!!

  8. King Wamba

    did he just say that wave was 6 foot

  9. Slow burn_172

    At least all the dog shit was washed away at dog beach !!

  10. William Carr

    Cool video. But those waves are like 2-4 ft not 18

  11. David Rich

    Sup Ben, note to self….when the wind is over 70mph its time to wear a leash so you dont have to chase your board by car. Ha Ha….

  12. Lee Mcelmeel

    Floridians aren't impressed. We have 5 or more storms like that or worse every summer

  13. Andrew Nakama

    Haole….. No leave your opala in da water.

  14. David Decker

    This made me unsubscribe

  15. Spouky

    Go chase some tornadoes

  16. ferise1

    Does this guy only surf half footers?

  17. Michelle Denieff


  18. Cristine Chickadel

    Stay psyched and keep shredding the knar

  19. ryansfunland

    Man, I had no idea Spicoli from Fast times at Ridgemont High was based on a real person!

  20. Daniel Larevitzear

    where do you live man

  21. Tom Podevijn

    Amazing vlogs! I dream of your lifestyle 🙂

  22. Matt Jones

    El Slammo will go down in infamy!

  23. Matt Jones

    Whats happening is…? looks like rich Frs took over Jersey coast

  24. Patrick Walsh

    can you do a vid in mantoloking, Ocean County? please and give us a heads up if you do

  25. Jason Q

    Ben looks like Spicoli.

  26. Crazyboyole2

    insane wheather bro

  27. M C

    Please stop my husband Eric Childs from watching you and start worrying about is double lung transplant

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