2021 Barnegat Bay Challenge Race Results


Jon Coen
August 18, 2021
By Jon Coen

Prepared TO GO: Paddleboards are lined up before the Barnegat Bay Obstacle. (Image by Ellen Raimo)
The Ship Base Seaside Patrol’s Barnegat Bay Problem was held past Thursday night time, Aug. 12 in light-weight to reasonable south winds. The genuine challenge this yr was in the form of heat for racers and pockets of shallow water in the bay that have been very heat.
Surf Ski
1. Nate Humberston
2. Robert Jehn
3. John Costello
Van Duyne Row
1. Matt Guerrieri and John Swift (Margate)
2. Jim LaMarco and Shawn Hannon (Ship Base)
3. Billy Webster and Nate Castiello (Harvey Cedars)
SUP – Male
1.Matt Kalwinsky
2. Mike Fithian
3. Ryan Oliver
Susceptible – Male
1. Jonny Skolnick
2. Anthony Colasurdo
3. Yater Henry
SUP – Woman
1. Caroline Unger
Susceptible – Female
1. Gabby Sibilia
2. Tracey Hemmerle
3. Haley Ullinger
1. Nolan Vanderslice and Steven Wilfling
2. Alex Reck
They are OFF: Van Duyne race boats at the commence of the Barnegat Bay Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Ellen Raimo)
ROW, ROW, ROW: Robert Raimo of Harvey Cedars raced solo. (Image courtesy of Ellen Raimo)
Barnegat Bay ChallengeWrite-up-RACE: (From remaining) Paddler Dan Duffy, inclined winner Jonny Skolnick and rower Shawn Hannon, soon after the Barnegat Bay Obstacle. (Image by Sandy Coen.)

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