7/31/20 Surf Fishing Long Island in a Storm: Bluefish, Dolphins and more!

Catching bluefish on the south shore of long island in July while summer surf fishing!
Tsunami Airwave Elite 8’8-
Daiwa certate-
Korkers overshoe-
SP Minnow Bunker pattern-
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  1. Angel gomez

    Do you know how the tide was moving, planning on heading out in a while.

  2. flyfishing channel


  3. OrthodoxFishing DAD

    Thank you for wearing Korkers… I was worried .. I keep seeing you with rubber soles.. Stay safe .. one speck of water or water with brown soot and you are done… Fish On – Tight Lines – OFD

  4. bigdeliciousband

    what are you targeting by way of "pelagics"?

  5. Jonah Butcher

    Wrap the strap on the korkers around your ankle that’s why there’s so much slack

  6. Curtis Gallagher

    How's that diawa certate going? Would you say better than the torque you had in your early vids?

  7. BJT SurfAnglers Team


  8. J GL

    What sp minnow were you using?

  9. Scott Charlton

    Well done, in Maine we don’t have nearly the variety of fish.

  10. Historic Disputes

    What town is this in?

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