9/11 Painted Poetry Revisited | The SandPaper

(Artwork by Charles Individual)
To the Editor:
I not too long ago acquired an e-mail from Chuck Particular person with subject line “It’s that terrible time once more.” Chuck is a regional artist, and he and I were being paired 3 years back in the “LBI Painted Poetry III” show at the LBI library.
I wrote an ekphrastic poem, “Sapere Aude,” inspired by Chuck’s painting, “She Viewed.” The painting came to start with. It was Chuck’s meditation on 9/11. When I wrote the poem I had in no way satisfied Chuck, nor did I talk with him all through the time I was producing the poem.
It was not an easy poem to create. I dragged my toes. I did not want to have to feel or feel about 9/11, its meaning or aftermath. It took me all of June and fifty percent of July to arrive at the very last stanza. On July 10 I wrote in my diary, “I am bleary eyed and intellect dumb attempting to find the very last stanza to sapere aude.” I completed the poem a day or two right before the deadline for submission to “Painted Poetry III.”
This morning when I opened Chuck’s concept, I was surprised at how prescient the message of poem and portray is for Sept. 11, 2020. I wrote Chuck and questioned if he believed we should to offer the poem and portray to The SandPaper. He wrote back again with a resounding Yes!
Listed here is the poem:
i’m flummoxed by this lady,
colossus of The united states, beacon
like no other, standing enjoy
in each and every weather conditions, calling out with
silent lips, to anyone, everywhere you go
this is the area! the area of
likelihood, the location exactly where liberty
and justice are inspiration, aspiration
enough for all.
i inquire, what is this cloud of  blue-
black sky? this dob of crimson on
her shoulder? this thick solid
arm, in female assertion lifted,
defiant gesture of determination?
no content day in this article is framed,
no working day of celebration. could this
be september’s mourning? cloudless
working day of infamy.
no matter the intention, this
is what i see – really hard memory,
open wound of vulnerability,
conclusion and starting in 1 position,
a single track of sadness. woman
liberty, i want to wrap my
arms about you. foul curse
of human soul to blind itself
with plank and mote.**
Susan Cummings
West Creek
* sapere aude – to have the braveness to use your own comprehension motto of the Enlightenment
** plank (splinter) and mote (speck of  dust) – “Why do you discover the mote in your brother’s eye, but do not understand the plank in your very own eye? You hypocrite, remove the plank from your eye first then you will see obviously to get rid of the mote from your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

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