9 28 2018 surf fishing at Long Beach Island New jersey

Surf fishing at Long Beach Island New Jersey

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  1. FOMO Fishing

    you guys with your smallmouth bass 10 inches here 10 inches there! haha love it. hit IBSP soon, its about to be real good there

  2. CreativeYetCrazy

    I got a place right in beach haven west. Where can I get more information about legal fish and their legal sizes during the summer season? I really want to get more into fishing down there this year!

  3. Perry Johnson

    Great quote,”Frank, a small man with a BIG heart”

  4. Snake Plissken

    I’ve fished LBI for 40 years great fishing if you can read the beach since the bars are constantly changing. If you ever want to meet the biggest crybaby assholes they belong to Long Beach Island Fishing Club. John Sylvester is the biggest crybaby his brother Tom isn’t far behind.

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