Adult male gets grabbed by fledgling – Barnegat Light Osprey Cam Highlight #LBI

This morning the fledgling osprey grabbed an adult male on the nest. At first it appeared like she was remaining robbed of her food, but after reviewing the video clip frame by frame, it does look that this is the resident male, who was providing a fish (we can see a total flounder inevitably). Right after examining far more movie in advance of the come across, 04/M currently consumed a fish right before this a person was shipped complete.

Either way, 04/M grabs the male by the appropriate facet of his head and her upper mandible goes into his lower eye socket. She holds on and retains pulling on him as he tries to get absent. Throughout the temporary come upon, the eye of the grownup male likely sustained some hurt, but it really is tough convey to how much. He has caught a lot more fish following this experience, so ideally she didn’t bring about any problems to his eye!

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  1. Margery Feit

    Girls rule!

  2. Kool Blue

    Was that the father?

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