After Repeated Shark Sightings, Heightened Security Measures In Place At Long Island Beaches

After six reported shark sightings in the past two days along a stretch of South Shore Nassau beaches, officials are taking no chances with swimmers’ safety. CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.

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  2. Julien Kurtis

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  4. Jahsah Btw

    Damn now sharks?

  5. Kevin Parks

    Wow Jennifer the reporter is a hot mess… hahah… get um sharky…

  6. Da Examiner

    Shark sightings in the water where they live? Yeah that's weird.

  7. Ali Kadri

    Why don't they have beach vehicles, this place is so broke. Lol

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    agahahaha im dead yo bro man haaaaaa!

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    Lol got a knife stuck in my back and what I can’t go swimming ????

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