After Repeated Shark Sightings, Heightened Security Measures In Place At Long Island Beaches

There was another shark sighting today off Long Island’s South Shore. While experts say sharks aren’t looking to eat people, this is prime hunting season for them. CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.

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  1. slugtothechest

    A culling should take place

  2. Arthur Wahley

    Anywhere that there is a ocean best to believe that shark habitat you all right if you stay on the beach you go in that water and you going into they habitat

  3. shivanj1

    Every year, SHARKS.

  4. har tavor

    unbelievable sharks sited in the ocean while deer are being seen in the woods, who would have thunk it

  5. Robert Sparkes

    Closed for CV19
    Closed for Sharks

  6. Mr peanutbutter

    Koby Bryan, COVID 19, BLM and now jaws what next trump win election

  7. tommy lee

    Dont swim at the beach. Its not for swimming ediots

  8. In Vino Veritas

    That's not a shark ! That's my girlfriend !!

  9. Joe Curry

    Stay out of the ocean and use lithium on Sharks to keep them at bay

  10. D M

    Don’t swim in the water while your bleeding ??????? Was she talking to the ladies . I’m just saying, that was the stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Jim don’t go in the water with that knife sticking out of your back. She’s just another stupid politician.

  11. Complex- City

    If a girl is on her period would that be dangerous in the water? Serious question!

  12. Troy Diaz

    Sharks in the water? Nooooo.

  13. Jimbo Jones

    Scare and agitate the public. That's your job.

  14. White Iverson

    no way!! a shark in its natural environment…. who would've thought

  15. George F

    There only looking too eat people in Maine

  16. Rick Grimes

    I created a shark repellant device, but the City didn’t want to use them. They said it would eliminate the need of some lifeguard positions. So they’d rather blow taxpayer money on employing someone rather than redirecting resources and saving lives…

  17. Alphafitz

    Spates of shark attacks tend to precede bizarre world events. I predict either 3 gorges or Yellowstone.

  18. Diane Dorney

    Even the sharks are restless…

  19. fj2296

    Liberal swimmers feel free to swim.act like a wounded seal.

  20. Jedi Council

    Lots of shark/wildlife experts in the comments.

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