Aircam II – Long Beach Island Flyby

Flight along Long Beach Island NJ

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  1. SJPilot65

    On the side of the plane right in front of the wing.

  2. SJPilot65

    200 feet. There were quite a few surfers in the water as I flew over.

  3. Christopher Mendla

    Nice Video!! thanks..

  4. TVstudio

    Ah LBI is one of the best vacation spots.

  5. lester

    grew up there and loved it

  6. ZMBproductions

    great video. i go to lbi every weekend in thhe summer.

  7. Lush

    i grew up on long beach island, but recently moved to pittsburgh for school. its videos like this that make me realize how privileged i was to live in such a place.

  8. jetscrazy44

    i have a house there and its sick

  9. SJPilot65

    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.


    the whole summer!! LUCKY

  11. justanotherengine

    Awesome pictures, only to be TOTALLY destroyed by "Hoe-down" music that absolutely "SUCKS" !
    Thank's for sharing !

  12. C0WB0Y20

    Not bad, but why do you fly so high???

  13. SJPilot65

    I was at 250 feet. I didn't want to push my luck with the seagulls.

  14. SJPilot65

    That's about right. I'm flying at 140 MPH.

  15. James Biederman

    @SJPilot65 So how much are you charging all of us for this ride ? Kidding .

  16. Catrasho

    @shoobiesgohome why ?

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