An Unexpected Fish Shows Up Late in NJ!!! (Barnegat Light, NJ) #LBI

Fishing for Fluke in Barnegat Mild with Gulp! Mullet, when quickly, a BEAST demonstrates up and inhales it! 😀

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  1. COOLCAT 61

    Sup I am first and it feels good nice vid

  2. Seeko 13

    Hi Leo

  3. NarrowJunior YT

    Awesome vid

  4. charlie R

    great live stream earlier

  5. NWestern Outdoors

    amazing video keep up the great content and the traveling

  6. Sandborne

    Watch all your videos, keep going!

  7. Team Cramer Fishing

    Whoa, Leo! Nice fish. You handled that fish like a champ!

  8. Hamandpeasoap

    Where can I send you some photos?

  9. Joseph NY Wayfarer

    Nice Blue! And quite the surprise!

  10. Ayo6456 O

    Man the way that fish hot was insane!

  11. kpenguins48

    You've inspired me to take up fishing again after many years. Thanks!

  12. Njhatchet man

    I live a town a way

  13. TheMasterCasters

    Dang, that's a nice blue!

  14. kayakeros

    Wow nice fish

  15. Foothills Crafted

    Nothin' beats the sound of ripping drag! Nice catch, Leo!

  16. Dan and Angie Fishing

    Im fishing Barnegat Bay Tomorrow

  17. SethBurkett_9

    that is bluetiful

  18. Rain R6S

    Best gaf shot in the world btw if u didnt know thats my older brother

  19. Gmoneystrong Outdoors

    Nice work! Getting on a good bluefish blitz is always a blast. Subbed… Sub us back!

  20. jiggajayp



    NICE CATCH !!!

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