August 13, 2020 Long Island Fishing Report and Forecast with Fred Golofaro


This week, Senior Editor Fred Golofaro tells how you can improve your fluke score by going light, while Managing Editor Matt Broderick reveals how you can score porgies and triggerfish from inlet jetties and rockpiles by scaling down your tackle to deliver bait-tipped blackfish jigs.
On the fishing front, bottom fishing for porgies and sea bass appears to have recovered nicely from the effects of Tropical Storm Isaias. Ocean fluking has been good for some but tough for others, while good reports continue to come from inside the bays, especially Shinnecock. If you want stripers and blues, the East End of both forks is the place to be, and some decent striper and bluefish reports are also coming from the Middle Grounds in Long Island Sound. Offshore, there was no shortage of tuna, especially for those able to get an early start. Plenty of sharks remain available for anyone wanting to pay homage to the toothy critters during Shark Week.
On the docks, it is all about snappers and crabs, and in some areas you can add blowfish and kingfish to the mix.

This Week’s Video Fishing Forecast for the Long Island Metro area August 13, 2020

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  1. Brian

    You’re allowed to target a prohibited species of shark?

  2. moddkilla

    Can I get some reports for those tasty puffer fish are???!!!! Can’t find them anywhere. Last year I was catching bluefish that we’re spitting them up by the dozen.

  3. Austin Rutcofsky

    Not sure why you are promoting fishing for prohibited shark species.

  4. Daniel f

    Those sharks are a prohibited species

  5. Aaron Davis

    Aloha! No more KKKon Kap, Thanks!

  6. RizkiBizness

    Nice, i caught a bunch of Porgy the other day on my channel. Will need to try out this tip with the black fish jig.

  7. Roberto Funes

    Nothing but sharks and rays wherever I go. Freshwater is amazing though.

  8. noel c.

    Hey folks! Given how active the water has been with new fisherfolk this summer, I wonder if there's value in a renewed focus on things like sustainability & ethics in the sport or on the water, generally speaking.

    Typically more seasoned fisherfolk are the only ones talking about it and with somewhat of a cultural shift trending in a particular direction it seems like a good opportunity to make it a larger part of the conversation. Happy to partner with you on the subject as I'm looking for another interim passion project!

  9. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:13 ripping

  10. Lake Chickamauga Bass Fishing

    Good stuff buddy! Subbed, throw one back our way if ya can! Keep it up!! Tight lines..

  11. eric grahn

    This week me and my friend where out fluking in the great South Bay and between the bridge and the light house we saw some fish blitzing and ended up catching about 20 Spanish mackerel with some blues mixed in. They where all over the area and we kept seeing them jump.

  12. Renovate Right Inc

    This post was very informative

    What days do you post ???

    I want to shark fish this Tuesday. How do I get a report either fish or weather report ty

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