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Gail Travers
June 18, 2021

To the Editor:
I am responding to the posting titled “Barnegat Teacher’s Painted Seashells Inquire ‘Hope 202’ for Autism Spectrum” in the April Leader. It is significant and nice to be knowing of autistic kids and the struggles they endure. It is nice to support autistic children combine into society and make them come to feel beloved. It is thoughtful for involved citizens to use their creative imagination for a good result in.
However, at the finish of the awareness month what have Individuals completed? Are People far more conscious of autism? Most individuals are aware of the attributes and disabilities involved with autism. Even so, there are a handful of issues that disturb me. What will cause autism? For just about every outcome (autism), there is a induce (catalyst). This is the way mother nature performs. Why does the autism price keep on to raise?
In 1983, the autism level in American children was 1 in 10,000. Now the rate is 1 in 54 nationally (1 in 32 in New Jersey). When are men and women heading to start finding genuine and objectively examine what is leading to autism? People in america much better hurry simply because these young children are our future.
What about vaccines and autism? I was not going to point out this mainly because parents are informed by official companies that vaccines are safe and sound for kids. However, why does the U.S. federal government have a vaccine injury payout software? Why does the CDC have a vaccine adverse response knowledge selection services? I am just asking thoughts. I am not giving conclusions. Anything is causing autism.
In sum, I care about the welfare of young children. The fee of autism is staggering I want this to halt. I have hope for 2021.
Bill Hoey

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