Back to Back COWNOSE RAYS!! Long Island Summer Surf Fishing

Surf fishing the south shore of long island during August catching cownose stingrays.
Tsunami Airwave Elite-
Daiwa Certate-
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  1. YourNextCast

    Wow man you have some of the most interesting fish catches. Nothing like that Long Island Summer fishing on the surf.

  2. Sal Caldarello

    Where is this?


    Nice!! Haven’t caught one of these guys yet but look forward to it

  4. j bri

    i caught like a 50 pound cownose ray the other day it was crazy and but up an insanely hard fight

  5. Passissmokes

    Awesome vid, have you ran into any sharks yet, besides dogfish? Been trying to get in on the shark action.

  6. The Burritos

    I snagged a large Ray in the surf the other day, unsure what species it was. Had to be over 60 pounds my drag was screaming.

  7. Wei K

    A lot of cownose recently~~

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