Barnegat Light Osprey Cam ~ FISHFIGHT! The Battle Of Barnegat Bay September 11, 2020 #LBI

Just after becoming away for just around 48 hours Dad brings a Menhaden to the nest in which 04/M and 05/M HUNGRILY await his return. Each of the two fledglings has sole possession of the fish throughout this two moment epic Fight of Barnegat Bay.

The two sisters grab this menhaden (AKA bunker) from Father and the battle begins. After a bit of tussling 04/M requires 1st possession and attempts to fly off with her prize but 05/M was obtaining none of that. Her lightning reflexes set a stop to her sister’s dastardly approach. They alter positions as the Battle of Barnegat Bay proceeds. 05/M eventually wrestles this headless bunker from 04/M. Just when she thinks she can make her getaway 04/M places a brutal beak keep on this bunker. A tug-o-fish ensues for all the marbles (menhaden?).

Back and forth they pull right up until ultimately 05/M emerges victorious! 04/M graciously accepts her defeat at the wings of her hungrier sister. She methods to the side and bows her head.

Footage courtesy of Barnegat Gentle Osprey Cam. Hosted by Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

Be positive to verify out their website!

Or their channel below on YouTube.

September 11, 2020

Master extra about Osprey:

Forty many years in the past the Osprey was viewed as an endangered species in New Jersey. These days, osprey are nonetheless safeguarded but are no extended mentioned as endangered or threatened.

You can help be certain other species at this time on the endangered or specific issue lists are the subsequent success story, just like the Osprey!

Get associated in NJ

You can make a variation and enable ospreys by cutting down your dependence on single use plastics, feeding on sustainable/neighborhood caught seafood and by not releasing balloons.

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  1. Ken O

    Epic battle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LA Mac

    they sure were hungry. weren't they. 😉

  3. Trisha Ferreira

    They turned that minnow into a wide mouth bass! I’m glad they got a great meal! ❤️

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