Barnegat Light Osprey Cam – March 30, 2020 – New Male, Same Female? #LBI

There ended up a few battles at the Osprey Cam this weekend. A couple males went at it. The new male who has been hanging on the nest this weekend and this morning is not the same as final 12 months. The male from very last yr was banded at Sedge and was six years previous. This male is not banded. In this article you can see he is incredibly submissive to the feminine when she lands on the nest, which also implies that they are not a mated pair. Is this the very same female? Will the 2019 male return or was he shed this winter? Time will notify and we will get some images to affirm her ID if she sticks close to.

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  1. StarAnyse

    I can't imagine how they know which bird is which!!!

  2. Jeannine

    Oh how cute! The male looks to be a very nice Osprey & the female so far is not driving him away. Let's hope they become a couple.

  3. Julie Pownall

    Hi all they have them tagged

  4. Julie Pownall

    Banded round their leg

  5. Julie Pownall

    Wonderful birds

  6. Julie Pownall

    Hope for some eggs soon

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