~ Barnegat Light Osprey – Rybołowy – ATAKI EPOLETNIKA i KARMIENIE MALUSZKÓW ~ 30/05/2020 #LBI

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  1. Zahid Shah

    Why is this mum being attacked

  2. Linda Kontol

    Thanks Edith! Do you know how old they are? They don’t eat too good when mom was feeding them like newborn

  3. Biet Ko

    10:27 left leg of eagle is been hurted

  4. Люба Широкова

    Вот здорово, как бомбили птичка или птички? Какие-то цветные.

  5. Danielle Bolstad

    Thank you Edith this nest is in my neck of the woods lol! That’s great that you keep an eye on them here in BArnegat! Thank you for all of your videos!

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