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Gail Travers
August 19, 2020

To the Editor:
This is a community provider announcement. The U.S. Postal Services is published into the U.S. Constitution. Hence, it wants to be supported. No matter of your political preferences, be a patriot.
After you have determined patriotism comes before celebration, you will also open up up to some details that have an impact on so quite a few members of our local community. A lot of folks, which includes veterans, in particular individuals who are disabled, receive their drugs by means of the mail. They have to have these remedies to continue to be in good overall health. In these unparalleled economic periods, quite a few spend their charges shut to the due date to safe income move. The cash have to have to achieve the loan provider on time. Conversely, if folks are obtaining checks, they also need to get the cash in a timely manner.
Be a patriot. Create your elected officers. Guidance the article business office.
Barbara Truncellito 
Barnegat Mild

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