Beach Haven Seeks Funding for Curb Cuts


Eric Englund
February 16, 2022
By Eric Englund

Beach Haven is searching for $40,000 in Ocean County Community Enhancement Block Grant money to continue its control minimize application in the downtown enterprise spot on Bay Avenue. The borough council licensed the transfer by approving a resolution at its Feb. 14 conference.
Suppress cuts are wedges minimize in an elevated suppress to allow for easy passage among the sidewalk and the road for persons with disabilities.
“Not all of our avenue corners are ADA (Individuals With Disabilities Act) compliant,” said Borough Supervisor Sherry Mason.
She mentioned the amount of curb cuts to be mounted is not however acknowledged.
“We’ll have to see the place the modifications are necessary, and ideally we’ll be in a position to get the essential funding to complete what we have to do,” she mentioned.  —E.E.

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