Beach Haven Volunteer Fire House Siren #LBI

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Outro – Dim Horse Protect By Our Very last Night
Thanks to some help in the reviews this siren appears to be a Federal Sign STH10 Thanks for the information.
A Number of different clips of the Beach front Haven NJ Fireplace Businesses House Siren. The very first clip is from the tones heading off for their 12pm exam. The next is a whole cycle of the siren, adopted by quite a few unique activations from different calls even though I was in the spot. Lastly the very last online video was from one particular of my journeys to the seaside where i introduced a scanner up sole for this video to get a shot of the activation on the beach front, so NO I do not carry a radio with me to the seaside Hahaha, hope you all get pleasure from the video!

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  1. TYLER HFD 152

    Nice Catch!

  2. Coleman 48

    In case you don't know that is a federal signal STH 10 siren

  3. JAKE W

    Cool stuff bro!! ☺

  4. EAS CEC


  5. chris cecere

    What is the purpose of the siren?

  6. Sirens Of Long Island

    Nice video!

  7. infinitecanadian

    That wiring job looks safe…

  8. Lithunderbolt1003

    Nice sth10 b

  9. Steven Gaming YT

    Cool man

  10. Michael Roderick

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS SIREN!!!!!! My Company has one and it is amazing. I don't even need a pager because I can hear it from my house. The way ours is set up is so convenient because when it blows I don't have to think is it a Medical call for the EMTs or is it a Fire Dispatch because the siren blows and the pagers that the firefighters have will go off for a fire dispatch and the EMTs pagers will go off for their dispatches and the siren won't blow.

  11. Adam D

    Nice job man

  12. Jack Wood

    This is a newer STH, from the early 2000s.

  13. freakyfornash

    My god, is that thing so fucking annoying! Makes my ears bleed every damn time it goes off whenever I'm in the area, and don't understand why they feel the need to keep using that P.O.S. in this day and age!

  14. Siren Master17


  15. Idaho EAS

    how can people tell it's not a tornado siren?

  16. leonard2146 roblox and more

    What was the ding ding noise and the sos code noise

  17. Tucker Cole

    I drove past that exact siren in a convertible I was right next to it when it when off.

  18. FireAlarmTechGuy4477

    Where is the intake tube?

  19. Thanos 2

    I was just eating ice cream then this went off. Rip my ears.

  20. ricardio14

    wth? is it missing the intake cone?

  21. Morgan Thompson

    My favorite siren of all time

  22. Nikolai Langdon

    The tones are 569.1 , 726.8

  23. Nikolai Langdon

    I love the outro

  24. Josh S

    It sure takes a long time to wind down, doesn't it?

  25. Logan Buckley

    Not kidding best siren

  26. Randy Carpadus

    Takes me back to both my childhood in the bottom end of the Sonoma Valley, and my days covering Dos Palos ciy fire for Cal Fire MMU/Merced county fire.

  27. Michael Caivano

    This shit is so fucking annoying playing at all hours of the night

  28. Kyle Whetstone

    Federal Signal STH-10

  29. EmergencyGuy1994

    The siren is the Federal Signal STH-10A, which is a 3-phase unit capable of running on anywhere from 15-25 horsepower. I had one across the river from me, and I still have one in my school district.

  30. Sophia Weber

    This takes me back to when I escaped the purge in 2019

  31. Harry Longfellow

    This is the guy always calling in false alarms to the Fire Company

  32. Kelly Laco

    1:59 STH-10 ATTACK MODE

  33. Jason Stasiak

    Why was it taken off the water tower and is this siren still in Service

  34. 46marsh

    That shit should only be blasting when there's a tornado 5 miles away.

  35. Vertoisful

    Wiring looks a little rigged lol

  36. Baltimore County Fire Buff

    Anyone notice how this is what emergenyc uses in the Montgomery county one

  37. Chris McGeehan

    That’s the same siren I have at my station and I like it a lot. Go get’em brothers!!!!

  38. Sirens and Alarming of New Jersey

    Wow! Not bad man! Sth10s are common here in nj

  39. Braydon McElwain

    EmergeNYC uses this audio

  40. Brendan Pinnola

    There’s another one of those sirens at Sunset Park in Harvey Cedars. It’s pretty much the same as the one in Beach Haven. My family and I rent a house in Harvey Cedars once a year for a week, and one time we were in the park when the siren did its 12pm test. I was very young and very sensitive to loud noises, so hearing that thing go off not even 50 meters away was quite frightening lol

  41. horselover 123

    My puppy loves howling to this

  42. Standard_ Amer1can

    We used to have an air horn like that. But since we’re in Wisconsin and we get tornados, they removed them after people began taking it as a tornado siren.

  43. Fire Fire

    Same with Station 71 little Egg Harbor New Jersey

  44. Joey Rousch

    Is that fire siren in Fla?

  45. Caleb Troxel

    This brings back my childhood memories of Fort Riley, Ks when the tornadoes would come through

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