What’s up NUB Country!! Right now was epic! There was Large surf in New Jersey & I did my greatest to make the most of it!! Loving the exterior, deep water wave find. I def did not hope to obtain dreamers like that!? Excited to see the relaxation of what Hurricane Irma, Jose & Katia have to present. Praying for every person in their paths of destruction. Many thanks for all the like NUB Country!!! – Love Ben


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VLOG 620 of 1000 // 2017
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  1. Joe Lee

    Dude you are an amazing surfer but that's got to kill you always getting edged out by your boy Rob Kelly

  2. germán Prieto

    funnest surf videos!!! epic waves HEAVY! Jevy

  3. Djimon Bishop

    Yeeew, keepin it real bro ! Whats that song at the end brudda? Sweet tune. Dig the vids !

  4. Ben Stokes

    clearly photoshopped

  5. Raelsid

    Point pleasant

  6. Andrew Batioff

    That water looks like disapated poop

  7. Charles Herm

    Great video again . Those waves were definitely nuking for east coast right ? I would love to see you make the WQS series . You would be a rookie vet. A huge amount of people would be so stocked to see you surf against the best . You have the talent and desire aka stoke . Props from Sou Cal!

  8. Charles Herm

    Hit the weights hard and fucking shred it when you are out west for summer . Let us fans know where you will be please . Nub Nation !

  9. Charles Herm

    And u paddled out the delaminated softie 9 footer no leach on serious jersey juice . Think if you were on the right board you could have given Fanning a run for his money at that jetty break

  10. Charles Herm

    Great cameraman as well !

  11. Charles Herm

    I respect the novelty path with the softie .

  12. Lucas Mulvehill

    B. V. – before van, good times

  13. Taylor Hobbs

    Im moving to jersey from la jolla ca. In June for job opportunity. This video gives me hope that I will actually get to surf some fun waves in my new home.

  14. idek bruh

    undisclosed location was manasquan

  15. Kady’s Kloset

    Epic Ben $

  16. ktownstyle

    that barrel tho

  17. Griffen Fields

    It’s been 1 year since he made this video

  18. Karl Biemer

    How was there no one else out there?!

  19. Taylor Davis

    Central jersey, not north jersey

  20. Allen Chilaxin

    when it looks big on video from the beach then ITS BIG !

  21. Allen Chilaxin

    Dude,,I eat those big protein cookies too,,best gas ever and im not talking fuel for the body lol we call them "fart cookies" lol

  22. Addison_PlayZ Games

    So True i go to New jersey in the summer Like if you stand on the sand and water the water brings you!

  23. John Devlin

    And a sun y day

  24. JC 22

    You're lucky you didn't get tagged by a shark that's why people don't surf right there


    You kinda look like Woody Harrleson

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