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Gail Travers
February 18, 2022

To the Editor:
Barnegat has extra more than 34 new firms in the final 22 months, from a bakery to ice product shop to hair salons to speedy food items to sit-down restaurants and additional. The aged declaring that Barnegat is not business enterprise friendly is no longer genuine.
But however the township does not choose what keep or business opens in our city. Yes, we would enjoy one more supermarket, Trader Joe’s, steak cafe, etc., but that is a decision for corporate executives. (We are doing work on a steakhouse.)
In 2012 we had to contact 22 different supermarket chains to replace our Genuardi’s and A&P that closed, and we did get an Acme. We worked endlessly to get Barnegat 67 and its firms and now accomplishment.
Soon several new businesses will be opening and/or applying for permits. That suggests tax revenue, employment and usefulness for our citizens. The committee’s intention is to have controlled commercial progress for the profit of Barnegat.
Al Bille, committeeman

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