Blue Zero Hero Harvey Cedars PD's Finest Det,. Christopher "Thief" Oldham 6/18/19 #LBI

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  1. jonco soloso

    Take care and be safe MUCH RESPECT TO YOU

  2. angrychappaz

    Just ask yourself this question – why do they need locks on the police officers lockers. It's because they can't be trusted, even by their own!

  3. Nick Nitro

    "His credibility as a police officer is gone and once you lose your credibility you can't be an effective police officer anymore."

  4. III%

    ouch… 62 views…. looks like they buried you pretty good on this one. BTW, next time you show up on my live stream, stay longer than 2 minutes there rockstar

  5. Southeastern Pa. Community Watch

    Thanks for sharing. Are the criminal terrorist feds still bothering you ?


    Respect salute brother

  7. bob dole

    a DETECTIVE, stole EVIDENCE… "why would an officer have any reason to lie, he has nothing to gain"… they always say this in defense of an officers actions, they have a WELL paid career and pension to lose…

  8. Marc Oxlong

    Cops are like Bananas…They start ripe,go yellow then rots

  9. Johnfights4manyresons Johnfighys4manyresons

    And the people allow our civil servants to continue to waste our money and a lot for untrained cops

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