Blue Zero Hero Harvey Cedars Sgt Sean Marti 5/4/19 #LBI

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  1. bob dole

    "I just borrowed it without permission, whats the big deal, I'm an officer"…

  2. Johnfights4manyresons Johnfighys4manyresons

    But he is a hero…

  3. Nick Nitro

    I bet his family is very proud of him. He threw away the best job he’ll ever have. It’s a proven fact cops just aren’t that smart.

  4. Beach Walker

    Great reporting Gunnison!!
    What a scumbag cop !!

  5. snowbird29803

    Sometimes, just sometimes things have a way of working out right. Firing should be just the beginning. We hold public officials to a higher standard of honesty, integrity and accountability, and therefore their crimes are more offensive and egregious. The prescribed punishment should take in to consideration that a solemn trust was broken. This should be true of any official abusing their office, not just this mope.

  6. Harry Soden

    Maybe he was testing it out to make sure it was working well be for the junior guys rode it?? Can’t jump to conclusions lol. Scumbag!!

  7. dale hess

    He took it home to practice.
    They didn't need it
    It was his bonus.
    Just a misunderstanding.
    He is willing to return it.
    What's the big deal?
    Just testing it to make sure it was safe.
    Sorry. He said sorry.

  8. Oor Wullie

    That's probably not the only thing he has stolen in his career! Typical dumb tyrant!

  9. R

    This man is the kindest and most hard working man you could ever meet. He served his community for 30 years as a police officer and firefighter!! What a good person he is for risking his life to protect and serve! Dont always jump to conclusions!!!

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