Bottom Fishing with CLAMS for PORGY(scup) – Long Island NY

In this video i fish a local north shore beach on Long Island. Using fresh clams i just picked up, i target porgy(scup) using pre made porgy rigs that i bought at my local field & stream. I got out to the water right around low tide so the bite was slow until the switch into flood tide where i managed to get a few nice sized porgy to take home. Despite the 90* plus heat, it turned out to be a successful outing. I hope you guys enjoy the video and as always….Thanks for watching!

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Tackle Used:
Rod – 7′ St Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Med-Hvy –
Reel – 4000 Shimano Nasci –
Lure – Porgy Hi-Lo Rig w/ Clams –
Line – 15lb Kastking Kastpro Braid –
Leader – 20lb Kastking Mono Leader –

Camera Used:
GoPro Hero 7 –

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  1. jay love

    Good job James

  2. Kamruz Zaman

    What part of long island?

  3. elliotechev24

    Name of beach.

  4. Brian Temme

    Did you catch an absurd amount of crabs on that rig? I was on the north shore a week ago as well and pulled up like 6 crabs and not a single porgy. The bite was there, just couldnt set the hook. Frustrating day nonetheless lol

  5. adalbdl

    Can you share locations ?

  6. Brian An

    I'm curious how far am I suppose to cast with 9ft rod?

  7. Joe S

    Looks like Northport or Centerport area

  8. Arul Coy

    Good man,,,

  9. ag Chanel

    cool … for me one fishing rod and reel … greetings from Indonesia

  10. Jerry Jara

    me encanta la pesca con caña un gran saludo desde perú hermano pescador

  11. kosmik ez

    Where on the north shore is this?

  12. chefdagga RASTAFARI

    Those are some good ones.. I'm in Florida I wish I could catch them here..

  13. Kenny Cannon

    Fish the end of the point. It's a long walk but worth it. Porgies, Bass and blues are all over down there. I keep my boat in the cove by the dock with the commercial guys.

  14. Luis Cardenas

    What beach is this ?

  15. The Chach

    Awesome! I am a young fisher 12 years old and you’re an inspiration!

  16. Fishing More than a passion

    I need the address I want to go there to fishing

  17. DZ Malekvali

    Good day,,don't come to England…fisging sucks

  18. richard none

    the north shore of long island were i grew up manhasset bay little neck bay oyster bay i dont miss it at all since you only get 2 good months of weather ha ha ha july and august now in the tropics were i belong

  19. Yuxuan Li

    When i do that on the north shore all i get is sea robins

  20. NikonErik

    How long were you out there that day?

  21. Aaron Davis

    They say Happy Wife Happy Life! Glad you could bring home dinner. Bleed the porgies next time and freeze the left over clam. No need to waste them

  22. Philip Covelli

    Time for a new catch phrase, "fish on" is spent.

  23. huckfin 1

    Help abolish the fishing licenses/permission slips to catch a fish.

  24. thehegt Tr

    Where you fishing at brother ? Your wife asking you to bring some fish home because she wanna make sure you going to fishing not ducking around kakkaka

  25. Guillermo Guerrero


  26. Jorge Santana

    exactly where that place is and what it's called I also like fishing and I would like to know that wonderful place

  27. Kausar Zaman

    Can you please give me the full address?

  28. Wilson Barros

    Hey what's up i like how you fish can you tell where do you fis i like to try

  29. Daniel Rivera

    We’re did you go fish in Long Island

  30. ShadowHarpy 1920

    Long or short beach couldn’t tell

  31. ShadowHarpy 1920

    I know some of you know where this is do not poach this place please this is an amazing beach please do not ruin that

  32. C.U.SoOn. xZx

    nice video man, question do you need a parking permit to park around the beach?

  33. Aidan Walley

    eating porgies? i heard they’re very boney not even worth eating let me know how that went

  34. Fishing Vybes

    Any porgy videos coming soon??

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