Capt John Tribute 6min #LBI

No subject exactly where you roam in this seaside fishing village of Barnegat Light, Capt. John Larson’s footprints and legacy have still left a long lasting affect. A sea captainin the greatest sense who braved an untamed ocean and the wild inlet. When recognized in the ’70s as the ’tilefish’ tycoon alongside with Capt. Lou Puskas, the two successfully made Viking Village, the commercial seafood production dock, a vacation spot for the fishermen and tourist. Particular many thanks to Jim De Francesco of Hogpenny Studios for further fishing footage.

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  1. Jim De Francesco

    Thank you for the credit, David. You are every inch a true professional!

  2. Tessey Bauers

    John u will be missed by many u were an awesome boss i lobed working for u on the miss barnegat light it gave me lots of great memories

  3. Nam Nut

    Capt John Tribute, Of the Miss, Is Miss Barnegat Light, Capt. catching any size strippers or Blues ?

  4. Hey2020,KizzMyazz

    I was a mate when he fished the Dry Tortugas out of Fort Myers Beach in the late 90's for a couple seasons. I felt so bad for him because he was a terrible alcoholic. One night when we were in Tarpon Springs dry docked doing some maintenance on the boat, I left my hotel room to go get something to eat, it was about 9 pm, I passed him in the hallway and he was SO drunk he could barely walk. I looked up to him until that very moment.

  5. BacknRC

    I used to go out on the 8 hr night blue fishing trips on the Miss Barnegat light. My first trip was in 1981. Capt. Larson let me and my friend up on the bridge. He was in an orange jumpsuit. He showed us all the electronics. I thought it was great that he took the time to show a couple 18-year-olds about his boat.

  6. davereiber1

    I'm 56 years old and he was one of the best men I ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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