Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

As UFO’s suddenly grace the covers of the NY Times and Washington Post in the age of “fake news” and #conspiracy memes, how can we make sense of these …

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  1. Ben Rode

    Where can I report this not working in Costa Rica? We bought it last night, watched half of it, and fell asleep. We are trying to watch the rest of it tonight, but it says Something went wrong Tap to retry sign. I can’t watch it. I did pay for this and watch half. How do I watch the other half, please?

  2. Lex

    The shadow elite Corporations will at some point in time orchestrate a fake alien invasion to gain control of the populace. It will not WORK we already know the core truth.

  3. Tonythepony 4747

    Who’s here from longbeachgriffin ig story

  4. what

    I'm only here because some dumbass decided it was a great idea to put Creo – Dimension into the film

  5. Niko Grujic

    Nice drones display!! Yeah ET travel millions of miles to hide from people on planet earth. They must be very shy or maybe they are afraid of people, or maybe they don't exist. So they are just hanging around our planet for hundreds and thousands of years before they come in peace to greet the people of planet earth. This ET are not interested to communicate with people what a waist of time. And to travel this far!!!! So yeah they don't exist that's what I think. Greetings from Brooklyn. O I almost forgot maybe they can't penetrate the Dome and are trying to break it somehow . but I don't believe in that to.

  6. Fireheart the Wolf

    world shattering content 10/10

  7. Press Ecks

    This should be called "a wrinkle in time the documentary". Clearly Steven Greer is a fan.

  8. Alan Lloyd

    This is all bullshit

  9. Keith Remedy

    What I saw in 2009 in Los Angeles forever kind of made me look at the world different. I almost got in a car accident that day because a guy in front of me stomped on his breaks and i almost hit him. I quickly noticed what it was that made him stop and what he was looking at. Seeing something like this is mesmerizing. It’s almost hypnotic you can’t stop looking and don’t want to blink. It was so low in the sky like only a few hundred feet above the ground and was massive. Besides myself and my passenger a buddy of mine there was a group of people that saw this. My neighbors walking there dog and a car behind me. We watched it pulsate white it would glow. It would light up and then go dark again. It did this probably a dozen times atleast. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. It wasn’t the type of light that you see on planes or aircraft or like anything I’ve seen before. It was like luminescence. Like if it would have been dark and been at night it would almost have blinded me to look at it, and would have and lit up a whole area more so then the moon. I watched this thing for about 30 seconds just hover over the hillside headed towards Hansen Dam and then just disappear. Since then I’ve seen a couple things that were bizarre late at night out in the desert and in the mountains were there’s no city lights and where it’s fairly secluded but nothing like what I saw that day. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  10. country kane

    Who's here after the state department saying they have a out of this world vehicle

  11. country kane

    I remember the first time I did DMT it was crazy then I came back to earth


    pretty upset that i paid for this

  13. RogueRenegade

    We can't even get along with other humans but you wanna contact aliens? And start a war nonetheless??? …. You wont win and it should be obvious be you are to arrogant to know that. If they were a threat we'd know it buy now

  14. Bret Mellon

    I think the pyramids in egypt were made to recreate the ships they saw visiting them, alot of ufos are shaped like that

  15. Bret Mellon

    how do I get into this CE5 group??

  16. Prodigal Son

    How do we know that you're not paid off by the extraterrestrials? Just a thought

  17. Eileen Clancy

    Very K-Pax

  18. fwacfred

    Misdirect by the government. Keep you looking up and you never notice the stuff going on around you.

  19. David Gilder

    I saw the doc on Prime Video. I really do want to believe this is legitimate. Only problem is. Our ability to create photorealism for both still photos and video is pretty top-notch. And it can be produced as if Hollywood dumped $15M in it. Just takes a skilled artist with a couple of Adobe software programs. I guess now a days it is monthly access to Adobe lisences. Either way. Photoshop, After-Effects and Premier? Maybe others depending on what the artist, who is doing the compositing, is comfortable with.

    I don't mean to be a downer. I loved this documentary. I just think what I am seeing can be generated here by humans. Apart from that, without the visual examples, It is just another argument (and it is a very persuasive one) where I have to take the interviewees word for it.

    Sorry for challenging the authenticity. I really do want to believe. Maybe when the next stimulus package is greenlit by congress and signed off on by the president. I will spend the $10 to purchase the app. And mind you. That purchasing of the app also keeps me on the skeptical side.

  20. sadheaux


  21. Karen Martinez

    yo this has 666 comments bro tf

  22. liam cahill

    Was this just a 2 hour ad for a $10 app?

  23. Markanthony Berrios

    Ok so hear me out the 6th moon man said when we left earth he felt a "field of conscienceness" what if that is whats happening "breakthrough" on DMT?

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