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Gail Travers
September 16, 2020

To the Editor:  
Judging from the response to my earlier two letters, some Democrats could believe I am tweaking their noses by possessing an feeling they may well not concur with. I simply existing data they might not get from other resources and draw a summary, which I am not worried to place my title to. It is not particular.
Most Democrats are very good and respectable individuals who only vary from me in the way they want governing administration involvement in social difficulties rather than making it possible for the populace to kind it out by themselves. Pressured specific privileges for the number of have led voters astray of their have self-fascination. I believe that this is because of to a self-hating indoctrination procedure designed into school curriculums and expounded by the significant media. Equally events are at fault, but as Republicans grudgingly go towards their constitutional conservative roots, Democrats have moved sharply toward the tyranny of socialism.
The individuals have a common enemy. It is not the ridiculous thought of systemic racism. It is globalism, its main promoter is the United Nations, and chief amongst these is China, exclusively the Chinese Communist Social gathering. America has lost thousands and thousands of employment to the cheap labor of China, 190,000 life and counting to the China virus, and faces a national protection possibility of 90 p.c of our medicine being generated by this enemy. This is craziness. China has wrangled its way into vital positions of ability inside of the UN, the Globe Well being Organization and the World Trade Firm amongst other folks.
The UN and the CCP would under no circumstances have existed experienced it not been for a minimal recognised entity established 100 yrs ago by our possess homegrown globalists. The Council on Foreign Relations has motivated information and facts in the media for decades. Its 5,000 users are in positions of power all during our 3 branches of governing administration and its accompanying paperwork, as nicely as academia and the media. The council is an equivalent chance bipartisan corrupt drive, but the Democrat Social gathering seems to be all in. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously stood just before the council and stated, “I will not have significantly to go to be told what we need to be carrying out and how we really should feel.” As well many politicians are beholden to the CFR and the CCP. Most of the challenges we confront now had been created or capitalized on by these entities to build havoc in America.
It’s really hard to confess that your total ideology has been co-opted and redesigned to guilt you from challenging-acquired prosperity and prohibit God-presented freedoms. The beliefs of the Democrat Bash are not what they had been 50, 20 or even 4 years in the past. It might presently be also late, but if liberty is to be preserved alongside with your individual future, you need to either retake your bash or just wander absent from it like Jeff Van Drew did.
James M. Spickard
Little Egg Harbor

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