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Gail Travers
January 29, 2021

To the Editor:
Lately, Christopher Vernon’s Compass Level Cottages growth on West Bay Avenue in Barnegat at the defunct Shoreline Sand and Gravel mining internet site, and across from the Mirage local community, commenced crystal clear-cutting the web page for the pre-permitted 777 pre-made models that will include things like a clubhouse and other features for a new age-restricted group.
I was present at numerous of the town meetings for this proposed progress and my being familiar with was that a 50-foot buffer was meant to be preserved along West Bay Avenue and a 300-foot buffer together the adjacent border with Cloverdale County Park.
Recently, all of the remaining trees had been taken out in just that 50-foot buffer along West Bay Avenue. Some tree removal in this place was evidently required to create a new intersection for the enhancement. I have not been capable to obtain any structure or configuration for the essential roadway intersection, but it seems it would not adhere to all the way down towards the outdated mining pit entrance. Even if this buffer zone is ultimately replanted, it will consider quite a few years to reach identical aesthetics.
Mr. Vernon and his various business ventures surely have the correct to build web pages as they are authorised, but not over and above that. As I have read in the Jan. 6 challenge of The SandPaper, Lodge LBI, of which Mr. Vernon was a controlling member of Baldwin Residence LLC, has been fined for continued noncompliance of the Costal Spot Amenities Overview Act in this site for exceeding approvals.
Though Mr. Vernon and his connected enterprise ventures have admittedly created deluxe and outstanding facilities, I hope that the Compass Point advancement will be similar and adhere to the proposed structure. That being said, I hope that our elected officials in Barnegat will guarantee that there is finish compliance with the approvals given for the development of this web-site as perfectly as the agreed-on cleanup of all the outdated mining pipe substance, some of which is now infringing on freshwater wetlands.
Donald Weigl

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