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Gail Travers
February 16, 2022

To the Editor:
A letter in the Feb. 9 edition (“Slap on the Hand”) appears to consider concern with a modern U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission enforcement action involving the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.
Especially, the author indicates that the plant’s proprietor, Holtec Decommissioning International LLC, received light procedure from the NRC more than a circumstance involving a previous security superintendent at the Lacey Township facility.
The letter argues that a good for a deliberate failure to correctly conduct required once-a-year weapons inspections and for falsifying associated records really should not have been lowered. Though the author notes that HDI was needed to choose corrective actions, some added context is warranted.
Like other NRC license-holders, HDI had the ability to request choice dispute resolution (ADR), which encompasses a variety of strategies for resolving conflicts utilizing a neutral third celebration. The strategy utilized by the NRC is mediation.
There had been a variety of corrective actions stemming from the ADR method involving Oyster Creek that will effect not only the plant but others remaining decommissioned by HDI. For instance, the firm agreed to make its company safety director a stand-by itself situation to perform assessments of its stability method at Oyster Creek and its multiple other decommissioning sites with a group that involves external authorities to establish further more actions from these assessments and to carry out teaching and communications – both of those interior and exterior – linked to the challenge.
In return for these and other measures by the firm, the NRC agreed to cut down the civil penalty to $50,000. The NRC also will carry out observe-up inspections, as required, to confirm regardless of whether the actions taken by HDI to tackle the commitments comprehensive in a confirmatory get are finish and effective. In addition, the NRC issued a different discover of violation to the previous protection superintendent emphasizing the unacceptability of his steps in this circumstance.
The huge-ranging steps dedicated to by HDI as aspect of the ADR method are viewed as to be thorough and are anticipated to guide to important performance enhancements throughout its other reactors in the method of being decommissioned.
Neil Sheehan, community affairs officer
Location I, Nuclear Regulatory Fee

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