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Gail Travers
July 07, 2021

To the Editor:
This is a reaction to Edward Harkey (“Lagoons Dying,” 6/9) and Clayton Fairchild (“Low Water,” 6/30). Mr. Harkey references the repaving of streets north of Route 9. Indeed, they had been, just as yours were repaved, and waterlines changed. Have been you charged for that?
These are largely person-produced lagoons by developers. Shore homes have often been and will stay victims of silt. I don’t treatment if you stay on a river – transferring waters shift silt.
You men are complaining about residing right here, your tax fee, and so forth. When we moved listed here 43 years in the past, we have been demonstrated many lagoon qualities. We could see the amplified property values and taxes in comparison to getting off the drinking water. We determined to move upland rather of being on the waterfront. We could keep our boat in a marina and not have to worry about assessments and lagoons filling in.
I believe you men should really have been like us and questioned concerns prior to purchasing a home.
Your increased tax level is the price tag of possessing the benefit of slipping your boat in the again garden. Does your tax amount deal with the value of slipping at a marina?
Skip Deckman

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