Disappointing Vote

To the Editor:
I’m upset that the borough council voted down the proposal to develop Seaside Haven pickleball courts on Feb. 25. Regardless of widespread aid for the growth among the inhabitants and taxpayers, who independently lifted $29,000 to aid fund the task, it will not go forward. Last 12 months, the previous council labored tricky to get this project scoped, bidded on and accepted. Sadly, there was not adequate support on the new council to get it across the complete line. As a sturdy supporter of the project, I wanted to just take a instant to describe why the undertaking mattered:
1. Expanding our recreational amenities is fantastic for small nearby corporations. As we all know, the community overall economy relies upon on summer tourism. Growing these services would have brought more people to Beach Haven, driving a lot more company to our eating places and community stores.
2. There is robust general public help. In excess of 100 pickleball players, most of them nearby taxpayers, raised just about $30,000 to assist Seashore Haven fund the project. That’s practically unheard of and speaks to how engaged this community is in our town’s results.
3. It encourages outdoor recreation for folks of all ages and talents. By style and design, pickleball is one thing that everyone from youngsters to octogenarians can perform. It’s the fastest rising sport in The united states simply because it’s inclusive and open to all.
Yes, additional visitors may generate a several parking issues. But they also develop extra tax earnings – a little something that all communities need to have in mild of the large impacts of COVID. Yes, a lot more visitors might build a minimal much more sounds – but that is legitimate in all places on the Island for the three months each calendar year that we welcome the summer time crowds.
Looking in advance, we still have to have to resolve this problem, and we should not enable perfect be the enemy of good. 1 of my council colleagues instructed that we paint pickleball lines on Beach Haven’s seven tennis courts so that they can be utilized for the two tennis and pickleball all through the summer months. I consider that is an superb compromise and one that I hope the borough council will unanimously assist.
Nancy Taggart Davis, councilwoman
Beach Haven

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