Disconcerting Election

To the Editor:
It amazes me how occasions alter. There was a time when logic and civility was the norm. Throughout those people periods, anyone labored challenging before Election Day to espouse the induce of their unique candidate. On Election Day the pace was continuing with get-out-the-vote routines.
At closing time the doorways closed. If there occurred to be a line at that time, persons had been instructed to squeeze in since they had to near the door. Poll employees, party challengers and sometimes even candidates would consider seats and get their papers ready. Two poll employees, just one Republican and just one Democrat, shut down the machine and went to the rear of the equipment. They then opened the machine and very first ascertained that all people was ready. Then a person would call out the data line by line though the other checked what he/she was declaring for precision. The equipment was then shut and locked to stay away from any changes. The official final results ended up then shipped to the county board of elections. Considering the fact that the devices did all the tallying, they ended up carried out.
Success were being identified as in or sent to many headquarters. The moment all the effects were being finalized the losing applicant and some of his/her supporters would go to the headquarters of the victorious prospect the place they would be introduced and make their concession speech and would like them effectively. Anyone would shake palms and go on their way. In larger sized cities this had to be taken care of by mobile phone.
These times, which are meant to be much more productive, it is the “media” which seem to be to make the decisions. Really generally this happens even ahead of the polls close. Even although the success have to be qualified, it is acknowledged as gospel.
This calendar year, a new problem was launched and that was the specter of COVID-19. Anyone determined that machines could no longer be used and anyone had to vote by mail-in ballot. I fully grasp the concern, but I assume it could have been labored out. By subsequent the COVID guidelines of putting on facial masks and social distancing and by introducing periodic sanitizing of the devices, it could have been carried out with far more security.
I go through where the point out of Florida just after its debacle in 2000 absolutely reformed the election course of action and is now the gold typical. As a substitute, 4 or five days later we were being continue to acquiring adjustments in the count. Improvements in the guide took location in other important states such as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
I also obtain it appealing, that New York Town outlets had been getting boarded up. I cannot imagine that was being completed in situation Trump shed. I doubt his followers would vacation resort to violence. I also saw information with a online video of fights breaking out in Madison, Wis., amongst Biden supporters and BLM.
At last, I mention that I heard Kamala Harris urging folks to vote, “because our democracy is at stake.” I am additional involved with our democracy surviving the election of Biden and Harris.
Frank J. Andriuli
Ship Bottom

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