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Gail Travers
March 23, 2022

To the Editor:
Dear God,
I hope you try to remember that spring is in this article. Whoever explained, “If Winter comes, can Spring be much powering?”
To be perfectly sincere with you, we are tired of snowflakes and icicles. Sufficient now! Deliver on the sunshine and hotter temperatures. I am itching to plant seeds and pull weeds.
God: You are suitable. I’ll send out some sunshine down in a couple of times to warm up your back garden beds.
Me: Wonderful! And though you are at it, how about sending a small gentle rain now and then to enable my tulips and daffodils pop up.
God: Okay, and I’ll ship a soft breeze to wake up your forsythia and lilacs.
Me: Good plan! And never forget about the Japanese cherry tree on my west facet backyard garden. You recall, when it blooms it appears to be like it is protected with tons of fluffy pink powder puffs.
God: I also want to wake up the worms sleeping deep in your yard. It is time for them to do their work of aerating the soil.
Me: Gee, God, you assume of all the things, even worms and bugs.
God: I am pretty proud of my ladybugs and my butterflies, especially these monarchs who chew on the milkweed in your garden.
Me: I just cannot thank you adequate, God. I couldn’t perhaps get care of my backyard garden with out your help.
Jackie Ostberg
North Beach
P.S. “If Wintertime arrives, can Spring be significantly driving?” is the concluding line of “Ode to the West Wind,” one of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s most often quoted lines.

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