Eagleswood Board Approves Two New Hangers, New Fuel Tank at Eagles Nest Airport


Rick Mellerup
August 19, 2021
By Rick Mellerup

(File Photograph by Ryan Morrill)
Not a single member of the community confirmed up at the Aug. 10 Eagleswood Township Land Use Board assembly to oppose Eagles Nest Airport’s preliminary and last important web-site program software to make two new 10-bay hangars at the airport. They would incorporate 11,500 sq. feet of hanger space on leading of that of its two present hangars. A new gasoline storage tank and gas pump would also be mounted to support them, and 8 new parking areas would be included to accommodate the pilots who would use them.
The conference was genial, and the hangars them selves stirred small discussion. In actuality, it was the new gas tank that dominated the discussion.
Aspect-operator and Eagles Nest Pilots Association President Peter Weidhorn blamed his “own cheapness” as the cause for a new storage tank. When he initial set in a fuel tank following he purchased the airport in 2009, he originally planned on a 10,000-gallon tank. But Weidhorn ended up likely with a 6,000-gallon tank to help you save cash.
He really should have understood, he instructed the board, that you simply cannot use the very last 350 gallons in a tank thanks to sediment buildup. And you just cannot fill it up to the best mainly because you require to have some air in the tank. With organization developing at the airport, a 2nd tank is vital. Other than, with two tanks he could “more effectively” purchase fuel – he now is splitting hundreds with other airports.
Last but not least, the Federal Aviation Administration is establishing substitute fuels, “not just very low direct.”
“We want to be lined up to choose advantage of alternate fuels in the future,” said Weidhorn, and “you can not blend.”
Mayor Debra Rivas asked if Eagles Nest would provide the town’s hearth office with a lot more firefighting foam because of to the new tank.
“Of system we will,” said Weidhorn. “I despatched a contribution to the hearth division past year. We just want to be very good neighbors.”
In the stop, the board unanimously authorised the Eagles Nest web site plan.  —R.M.

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