Eagleswood Buys Dock Road Parcel; Town Hall Opens to Public


Monique M. Demopoulos
August 02, 2020
By Monique M. Demopoulos

REFLECTIVE: A summer rainbow delights Dock Road citizens. (Picture by Monique M. Demopoulos)
The Eagleswood Township Committee passed resolutions for the duration of the July 27 committee conference authorizing land purchases on Dock Highway, which will make the most of NJDEP Eco-friendly Acres grant funds. In accordance to Mayor Nick Sommaripa, the acquisition will generate a Eco-friendly Acres parcel of land that will extend from the community boat ramp to the municipal assets.
The mission of Environmentally friendly Acres is “To obtain, in partnership with others, a process of interconnected open spaces, whose safety will maintain and increase New Jersey’s pure environment and its historic, scenic, and recreational methods for public use and enjoyment.”
Deputy Mayor Debra Rivas discussed Dock Street is Eagleswood’s major recreational site, as it offers fishing, crabbing, birding, boating, kayaking and pictures possibilities. Committeeman Michael Pasternak claimed the prolonged-time period goal is to protect and enhance the land obtained via Environmentally friendly Acres.
The Eagleswood Township municipal building is open to the public as of Monday, July 27, and has resumed normal hrs of 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday by Friday. The township committee still urges the general public to make payments of any type online, by mail, or by using the dropbox situated close to the developing entrance.
Any one who requirements to enter the making is expected to put on a experience mask. Those people in need to have of aid or assistance could simply call Township Clerk Kathleen Wells at 609-296-3040, extension 14.  —M.M.D.

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