Elephant in Room

To the Editor:
I would like to commend John Imperiale for his very well-considered-out Commentary essay (“Challenges at All Gov’t Stages Want Compromise, Creative imagination,” 12/2). I agree that negotiation together with compromise is vital to attain a just culture that can progress.
His commentary tends to concentrate on area difficulties where by a monolithic suitable-wing dominates and refuses to problem lots of of its antiquated and incorrect strategies. Let us not ignore the elephant in the place – Senate The vast majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow obstructionists in the Senate. I imagine in the reasonable trade of strategies and positions if dependent on motive. We can’t and need to not compromise on the fact.
In today’s planet of Fox News and now Newsmax alongside with QAnon and other conspiracy theorists, local climate deniers, and many others., what accurately is at issue? Are there any that we can concur on?
As of this crafting the Washington Put up stories that only 25 of the 249 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden’s get around Trump (including our have esteemed Congressman Van Drew). Let us get real, Republicans “brainstorming” is an oxymoron unless of course it pertains to tax cuts for the abundant, corporate welfare, overturning regulations (with the exception to a woman’s entire body) and other nefarious positions that widen the social and economic divide in our culture.
The final 4 yrs have shown how flawed our bicameral procedure is. Though I am hopeful that the Biden administration will bring some rationality and balance back to the country and our position on the world stage, I panic that the opposition from the Republican Social gathering (i.e. Trumpsters) will keep on to unfold the vitriolic lies and fury that energize their “base.” It will maintain up the rankings and money coming into Fox News, Parler, proper wing talk radio, etcetera. that impede any serious development our reps may check out to get as a result of compromise.
Maybe the distribute of this pandemic to the “red states” will hasten the realization of those who have the electric power in Washington and our state residences that they ought to attain a consensus on what is serious and how to convince the 74 million Trump supporters they’ve been duped.
Marlena Christensen
Barnegat Light

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