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Gail Travers
Could 11, 2022

To the Editor:
This is in response to a letter titled “Autism Acceptance?” (4/27) by Neal Roberts. As a working towards pediatrician, I take exception to the implication of Mr. Roberts’ thesis: That a mounting quantity of instances of autism from the 1980s until finally the present which coincidentally corresponds to the interval during which far more vaccines have been given to children indicates there ought to be causation. In experimental science, this is referred to as “true, true and unrelated.”
Most everyone has moved over and above the blaming of vaccines for the raise in autism. Why? Due to the fact, as the CDC accurately states, the science displays convincingly that there is no connection. It is an outdated accusation, and we want to concentrate on finding what are the genuine leads to of the soaring autism fee.
Do you know what else has been on the rise amongst youngsters all through this period of time of time? The intake of visual media in all of its different formats. Scientific tests are beginning to counsel that early publicity to visible media may perhaps be taking part in a function in the increase in the incidence of autism.
I also choose exception to Mr. Roberts’ recommendation that families of people with autism are universally certain that vaccines are the lead to of their child’s autism. Virtually each and every family members in my pediatric observe who has a little one (and in some cases more than one child) with autism carries on to have that youngster get all routine immunizations.
James Weidner, M.D.
Haddonfield, N.J.

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