Fantasy Island Shoots Off Fireworks Sept. 6

(File Photo by: Ryan Morrill)
Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Seaside Haven will maintain a fireworks clearly show on Sunday, Sept. 6, from 9 to 9:30 p.m.

Brian Wainwright,  Fantasy Island proprietor, said viewers can view them from the park, but social distancing and security protocols will be in location.
“We request that all park attendees use face masks,” he explained. “But persons will be able to see them from their rooftop decks or out in the bay. The fireworks will be shot especially significant so that they can be witnessed from a very long distance.”
Fantasy Island experienced scheduled a number of other demonstrates for the duration of the summer months, but like most celebrations during the condition, they had been postponed or canceled due to crowd restrictions from the pandemic. Lengthy Seashore Township hosted a fireworks exhibit July 4, and asked the public to look at from their properties, boat or street conclude.
“We’re glad that we can do this a single for Labor Day weekend,” claimed Wainwright. “Hopefully, people will be intelligent and be watchful. If they really do not want to appear to the park, there are other selections.”
For far more information and facts, call Fantasy Island at 609-492-4000.  —E.E.

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