Fast and Original Otis Elevator at the Mariner Inn, Long Beach Island NJ

It’s good to see such an old elevator running so well! It is very fast for three floors.

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  1. elevatorfilmer2867 productions

    very cool elevator+hotel!:)

  2. Jowevator 3219

    Doesn't look like much has been updated at this place, but they definitely care for the building!!

  3. GabesElevators

    Oh My Gosh What a Cool Fast Otis I Love That.

  4. BobEckert56

    Jeff you are such a polite considerate kind person.

  5. Mattyice0812

    I rode this 2 years ago glad to see it’s still original!

  6. Clinton Township Lifts by MagicalLift256

    Epic lift!!! I love the light directly above the door makes the feeling of claustrophobia less real

  7. Top Hound

    Really weird area for the light. Tall person can bonk their head through the door!

  8. ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions

    Appears to be from the 60s or 70s

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