Feeling Helpless? Pray for Ukraine

As the Christian church finds by itself in the coronary heart of the time of Lent, it phone calls all individuals of the globe to transform to the God of peace and justice to pray for a credible ceasefire to Russia’s indiscriminate killing of innocent Ukrainian civilians and insanely reckless attacks on nuclear facilities. The universe has a deranged chief, the likes of whom we have not found since Hitler. Putin has disregarded all the norms of war agreed to by the civilized environment.
Because the war started on Feb. 24, spiritual leaders have been of 1 voice in presenting terms of comfort and solidarity to the Ukrainian people today, asking God’s blessing on all who endure violence and the consequences of this relentless war – and giving reproof to the Russian leaders who have directed this unprovoked invasion.
As a retired pastor of 45 many years of services, I, like many other Us residents, truly feel a perception of helpless despair as I see the loss of life and devastation in Ukraine. How can I pray?
I pray 1st for the 40 million Ukrainians still left at the rear of, having difficulties to endure as jets scream overhead and Russian tanks focus on their houses, hospitals, schools and companies. I pray for refugees streaming into Hungary, Poland, Moldova and Romania, and other faraway destinations. I pray for the husbands and fathers who stay in the homeland, risking their life to repel invaders. I pray for the host families who satisfy refugees at the border crossings and coach stations with delivers of free of charge lodging.
I pray for the Russian soldiers who laid down their weapons and surrendered, or sabotaged their possess autos to prevent fighting. I pray for Russian folks, who are hearing lies on the only Television set station permitted, which is federal government run. I pray for people Russians brave sufficient to protest the war, who have been arrested and jailed.
May we reside our lives mindful of the human virtues staying displayed by the Ukrainian people today in the midst of a horrific, horrible human drama, exactly where we see these normal persons – including the younger and the elderly – act in incredible approaches to defend the country they like, from overpowering odds. It is observing individuals do just the appropriate detail at the hazard of demise when approximately just about every instinct inside them have to have been screaming “just survive regardless of what it can take.”
Martin Luther King Jr. after claimed about preventing injustice, “If a man or woman has not uncovered one thing they will die for, they are not in shape to stay.” Ukrainian spiritual leaders have requested believers to pray initial, to quit the evil aggressor, but then to question God for peace of brain, to reply with religious character and not from human loathe. Ukraine’s main rabbi invited all believers to recite Psalm 31, which concludes: “God can take care of all who stay close to Him. Be courageous. Be robust. Never give up. Assume God to be with you soon.”
O Lord, in the midst of this terrifying, chaotic and totally harmful aggression by Russia on the emerging democracy of Ukraine, grant the citizens of Ukraine a feeling of hope and inner peace, this working day and forevermore.
Wesley A. Smith of Harvey Cedars is a retired pastor in the American Baptist Church, United states.

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