Feral Cats at the Barnegat Light in NJ! (TTYDSWYSAH) (Barnegat Light, NJ) #LBI

On Monday, Could 15th, 2017, my brother-in-regulation and I went for the Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) at the Barnegat Inlet in Barnegat Mild, NJ. And however we did not catch any Gator Blues, we did appear throughout two Lovely feral cats correct by the lighthouse!

I know that there are folks who usually rescue them, so I have included the precise location of the cats in the movie. On the other hand, of course I won’t be able to promise that they are nonetheless there (and if there are other cats all-around the region).

Factors that you really don’t see when you stay at property…

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  1. Arturo


  2. meanimanni


  3. Flat Out Bank Angling

    Poor little baby!!

  4. Cecap Fishing

    loving these alternative videos, Leo! this Second channel was spot on!

  5. Cane & Pole

    They look pretty healthy.

  6. Fishin' With TinyBassN

    Awesome Leo I Love Kitties We Have Some Here At Our House That Took Up With Us After Someone Left Them When They Moved.

  7. Fishing with Billy

    My cat was a rescue. I was told the grandfather may have been a Bobcat. She has the temperament of one that is for sure!

  8. Dean Fulford

    good shark bait

  9. John Schrull

    With all of the warm weather tourist activity there at the lighthouse , They probably end up with extra odds and ends of leftover lunches

  10. Gianni Mandile

    Ive seen those kittens before

  11. MR Vape

    i wish i could but i live in ohio

  12. Gabriel Molotsky

    I saw those too.

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