Fisherman’s Headquarters Owner ‘Lured’ into St. Francis Pool for Tackle Test


Juliet Kaszas-Hoch
January 27, 2022
By Juliet Kaszas-Hoch

Greg Cudnik, owner of Fisherman’s Headquarters in Ship Bottom, had planned to test forged and film a new lure in the Barnegat Bay. He headed west with the tackle – the Nomad Shikari, from an Australian business – but, as he pointed out, “I was welcomed by murky brown h2o. Thanks to the conditions I couldn’t video clip the swimming action.
“The subsequent early morning,” he continued, “I was dropping off my little man at daycare at St. Francis, in Brant Seaside, and bing: the thought of test swimming in the pool popped into my head.” He asked for, and gained, permission compensated the payment and brought the lure, a fishing rod, his GoPro and shop staff member Jay Boehler to the aquatic heart. Boehler pulled the entice by means of the drinking water as Cudnik filmed from within just the pool.

Cudnick claimed the Shikari, from Nomad’s new inshore lineup, is “super-fishy, sluggish-floating, lengthy-solid jerkbait” that has “a slender profile with wider shoulders. It places out a sassy wiggle. It can be fished sluggish or rapidly and with a tough twitch to produce an erratic motion to result in strikes. These lures can also be trolled, exactly where it places out a daring roll with a shimmy.”

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