Fishing with CRABS?! TAUTOG (Blackfish) SLAYFEST at the INLET! (Barnegat Light, NJ) #LBI

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September 15th, 2017 — For my 115th outing of this yr, my buddy David Ho (a.k.a. Symplex Fishing: and I went to the Barnegat Inlet for some Tautog fishing.

Soon after receiving four dozens of green crabs, we were being completely ready for some TOG SLAYING! Heh. As you will occur to see, that was just one epic working day of saltwater fishing.

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Equipment utilised in this video clip:

Rod: KastKing Perigee II, 7’0″, 2 pieces, medium-large (
Reel: KastKing Centron, 4000 model (
Line: KastKing Fluorokote, 20lbs exam (
Bait/lures: items of inexperienced crab and items of salted clam on a sizing #6 Gamakatsu Octopus hook ( and a 1-2 oz. pyramid sinker ( all on a dropper loop rig.


Picture Digital camera: Sony Cyber-Shot, Exmor, 18.2 megapixels. (
Filming Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver (
Exterior Microphone: Movo GM100 Lavalier (

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  1. Extreme Philly Fishing

    KastKing Centron 4000 took a beating that day, for sure!!! Hah. So many fish on green crabs, folks. All of them came from one single hole. If you never heard of my friend Dave before, make sure you check out his Channel — Symplex Fishing ( Also make sure to check out the miscallaneous video from this fishing session, on my 2nd Channel ( Tight lines and FISH ON, folks!

  2. The J Johnson Experience

    Crazy amount of fish. Definitely a good day. I have to start talking to the bait shop owners when I go down there. Awesome video as always.

  3. LB Fishing

    Should publish the name of the bait shop so that people avoid them 🙂

  4. random

    Leo, do you only answer to subs or are you a widespread communicator?

  5. Moon Roach

    Can anyone help me? I want to harvest fish to have some for this winter (doing this legally by the way) and I have no idea how to tell if the water source is safe to take fish from….. I don't fish at big waterways but they are public places and sometimes there is trash in the water (I clean it if I can) but I can't tell if that is enough to indicate if there is any abnormalities in the fish or not. I don't want to be eating any fish that may or may not have heavy pollutants in them

  6. Hamid Baaoui

    Hello, from Morocco! I've watched a couple of your vids and I found them so entertaining.

  7. Dirtbiker456 Lit

    I seen you with my friends we were in a car yelling at you


    Awesome video. I'm finally back after dealing with hurricane Irma

  9. Kyle Chupick

    You should do a fishing meet up

  10. Sasha Madrigal

    he should of done the 1rod special

  11. tdrummer444

    I love my centron

  12. summerdying111

    Wonder what happened with his friend that got his finger chopped by that bluefish

  13. futurebassmaster1

    Fishing with Crabs? Be careful where you're swinging your Johnson around next time.

  14. Profishency

    Pyramid sinkers for tog fishing? Livin' dangerously, bro!

  15. Chubby grub Outdoors.

    Great video Leo! how hard did those guys fight?

  16. Ricky Whisenhunt

    anyone else notice leo has a tan line from his sunglasses?

  17. TWrecks

    You lost 80 rigs in 2 hours? Whatta fuck how do you even set up a rig and cast it out in 2 minute

  18. Killian Horne

    Leo! Please try to respond to me. You can try my instagram @khorne.29 or on here, I have to ask you something?

  19. Gaminfish

    lol i just started watching coyote and then the references! i love it!

  20. rolex2136

    Why dont you use braid? Also i think your dropper loop is really high for tog, thats why the sea bass were hitting

  21. rolex2136

    Also, rather than measuring on TOP of the fish you should measure from the bottom, straight line rather than rounded by the fish.

  22. Nicolas Moya


  23. Steve Tautog

    that fish you called a Bergall ( Sea Robin) was definitely NOT a Sea Robin
    I am not sure what it was
    maybe someone else knows

  24. Steve Tautog

    that was not a Bergall ( Sea Robin)
    I am not sure what it was
    maybe a little Weakfish
    perhaps someone else could identify it

  25. Mark KIDCOCHIESE Garry

    Good stuff Philly ! If you are in my hood shoot me an e-mail, an and we will hit some spring Monster Fluke on the LIS (on me pal)  btw the Seabass are relentless

  26. Eric P

    I've been to the lighthouse. I was under the impression that no one is allowed to stand on the rocks. Are there exceptions to this rule?


    Thanks for the videos extreme philly fishing your a very intelligent smart man it’s quite amazing how you know the name of every fish in Latin

  28. Nick Pistolakis

    I know this is an old video, but why don't you kill it before you cut its legs off? Just wondering

  29. Joejo781

    If you didn't talk through this whole video I probably would enjoy it.

  30. Q Zzz

    Thanks for the video!

  31. bpollock42

    Get some nuts by the pound at Fazio's in Glassboro NJ and use them as cheap weights.

  32. 03hobie

    Ha! Grow one more eensh.

  33. Lets Get Fishing

    Hey guys love the videos, I’m going fishing in Barnegat too, my question is where do you guys get the crabs from because every bait and tackle shop I go too doesn’t seem to have them.

  34. TheUnkownChallenger

    My sis got a decent fish but the limit size was 12 inches and the damn fish was 11 inches

  35. Emodi_ Playz

    For the 14 1/2 fish make sure that the tail fin is not spread out

  36. lao pride

    The fish species is called tautog, not taltog. Lom

  37. fishin360

    subscribed!..please consider subscribing back.

  38. Zackary Stout

    You should check out smugglers cove

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