Flounder Fishing- Jim's Special Jig – Barnegat Light #LBI

My son Rhys and I went down to Barnegat Gentle Home to try out our luck for the first time fishing from the rocks. Temps have been in the mid 90’s and I have not fished for many months, this working day was July 20, 2020 and it was 95 levels but tolerable at the shore . The chunk was subtle as the fish were being sucking in the bait and swimming and desired the gradual hookset.

We ended up with 9 fish, 6 shorts and 3 keeper size, I could not get all on digital camera for anxiety of the go professional overheating . A single fish was taken on a gulp shrimp and bucktail the other folks have been taken on the Jim’s specific jig with gulp swimming mullet. Tips for the upcoming vacation will be to definitely use spikes on the rocks it truly is difficult to explain to which rocks are slippery in some cases and I will use an extendable cope with for the web!

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  1. D Boating

    keep your line slack they are escape predators man! i must have lost 10% of the fluke I caught this year at my kayak. i'm up at the Shrewsbury river and got some nice keepers.

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