Follow Yellow Brick Road

To the Editor:
Brace by yourself and stick to the yellow brick street.
This is one of individuals parodies – the lessons are so noticeable to quite a few people, however persons are oblivious to its accurate meaning. What have we skipped alongside this journey? You will have to be the decide.
The takeaway from this journey is “to be grateful for what you have and reside your truth.”
Halt attempting to be the person you assume anyone expects you to be and basically be the particular person who you are. Wow, I guess you know exactly where I’m heading with this a person.
Apparently enough, the Donald, for the duration of his expression as president, someway figured out a way to play all of the figures in the journey to the Emerald City: notably, the Tin Male, who lacks a coronary heart, is stubborn and practically set in his methods the scarecrow, who lacks a mind and the lion, who really should be the Donald’s intelligence, but his fear paralyzes him.
How are we carrying out so significantly? The wizard tasks an impression of what the men and women of Oz assume him to be – a excellent impressive wizard, while he hides his true self guiding the curtain.
In Donald’s situation, he has the energy to command obedience, bully and threaten other people, and for the most aspect can make quite inadequate choices. He claims to be a good gentleman, but surely has not proven it to his individuals (currently). Dorothy, on the other hand, has traveled the yellow brick street with dignity and grace and just wishes to go residence. And let’s not ignore Toto (the base), who sees the Donald as the finest man or woman ever and enjoys him as a lot as Donald enjoys himself.
Farewell, Donald! Joe received live with it.
Charles N. Howe
Surf Metropolis

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