George Clooney, Maybe, But Don’t Call Me Walter

Familiar Encounter: Dick Brant, witnessed right here with spouse Mary Jane, appears, to some, like a sure movie star. Guess who? (Equipped Photo)
My spouse thinks he looks like a movie star. With pandemic masks starting up to occur off, I am reminded of the pursuing tale.
A few several years back, he and I needed a number of items, so we headed above to a area department keep. Strolling through the make-up section, my wife or husband glanced in excess of to the perfume counter. “Hi,” waved a curvaceous younger saleswoman wearing “Pirate Pink Lipstick” powering the Chanel counter. “Can I assist you?”
He appeared all-around to see whom she was talking to. Recognizing this appealing lady was addressing him, he sauntered in excess of, cowboy design and style. (We had just seen the film “Once On a Time in Hollywood,” so I suppose there was a strong identification there.)
“Oh, my God,” she said. “You glimpse specifically like that motion picture star, um, what was his title?”
“Brad Pitt? Matthew McConaughey? Likely George Clooney.”
His brief wit produced the woman giggle so loud, I turned close to to see what the heck was going on. “Well, it’s possible I do see a slight resemblance to George Clooney. But make sure you, help me remember. I’m contemplating he was just one of all those grouchy men in, you know, some well-known old film.” Now I was standing there.
“Ah,” I intruded into the conversation, “you ought to mean Walter Matthau.”
“Yes, that is him, Walter Matthau!”
“Do. Not. Contact. Me. Walter!” boomed a loud voice out of my husband’s throat. That is when I set my head down and pretended to check out all the fairly Chanel fragrance bottles. But my inadequate ambushed partner? Shell-stunned. He had listened to this reference to Walter too many times before. I viewed his wide shoulders droop. His handsome deal with fell like Isaac Newton’s famed apple.
Just about every person can recognize, correct? Due to the fact, just assume: For a moment, right here was this cute 20-something lady giving him what he assumed was a flattering compliment. Now, I’m not declaring adult males get caught up in that form of thing, like they love flirting or no matter what, but truthfully, when we get to “a selected age,” our ego can be very easily seduced by admiration and, furthermore, crushed. I also did not necessarily mean to be portion of the wrecking crew.
The hubster sulked all the way to the car. And simply because I wanted to make amends and cheer him up, I playfully nudged him. “Hey, Walter, want to chat about it? Oh, sorry, I mean, ‘Hey, Georgie, do you want to chat about it?”
“Not funny, Mary Jane – moreover (audible sigh from wife or husband) I believed Walter was a rather funny dude in a kind of irascible way.”
Immediate jolts of empathy went zinging by means of my synaptic pathways. “Oh, really, sweetie?
“Yeah, truly.”
“Personally, I assume you appear way additional like Patrick Dempsey – you know, that using tobacco-very hot surgeon from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Here, glimpse.” That was the moment I whipped out my smartphone and confirmed my film star partner a photograph of this well-liked ladies man. And, just so my teeth didn’t illuminate like Lewis-Carroll’s Cheshire cat when seeking at some man just about every female I know from here to Kalamazoo calls “Dr. McDreamy,” I just held my chin up and managed my possess cute variation of flirting.
“Well, he is variety of wonderful wanting,” my spouse nodded affirmatively, but now I recognized he was staring more intensely than I assumed essential at my slowly curling lips.
“Um, like yeah,” I mumbled by my teeth. “He’s a minor extra than just pleasant on the lookout,” I volunteered, as I clenched my jaws restricted, concealing my savory-shrewd-secretly-smiling-self.
“I mean,” my husband stated, “you know, pleasant wanting for a male.”
“Yes, of program, for a guy.”
Twenty minutes later we pulled into our driveway. I seized my husband’s hand and available him one particular of my terrific “helpful wife” lessons. “I hope you learned something currently about the great importance of a smile. I indicate, you really don’t want people evaluating you again to that previous curmudgeon, Walter-the-movie-star-Matthau, do you?”
That is when my husband’s standard smile morphed into a George Clooney grin. So, I returned his smile with a mischievous twinkle in my very own beguiling, laughing, charming, Irish-smiling eyes, and bit by bit broke into my Mona Lisa grin imitation. That is also when I bolted into the residence, laughing and shouting, “Dinner’s at 6, George. Now, really don’t fail to remember to put on that captivating smile, or I’ll send out you in excess of to try to eat at Walter’s property. I listened to that crow and humble pie had been on the menu now!”
Mary Jane Hurley Brant, a psychotherapist (, lives in Malvern, Pa., and is a customer to Extensive Seaside Island.

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