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Gail Travers
March 23, 2022

To the Editor:
In 1970 the Vietnam protest song “War,” sung by small-known Edwin Starr, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Sizzling 100 chart. Some of the prophetic lyrics of the track were: “War, what is it superior for? Certainly nothing” and “War, it ain’t very little but a heartbreaker. War, it is bought a single friend, and that’s the undertaker.”
For the past 20 several years the U.S. has been engaged in wars fought in the Center East and Asia (Iraq and Afghanistan), and several may say that individuals same lyrics sort of sum up what we as a nation gained from our have working experience above that time period of time: “Absolutely absolutely nothing.” Now it’s Russia’s change to make the identical error in considering that its military services could possibly on your own will be more than enough to invade and overthrow the proud and independent country of Ukraine. The stage of the issue is that the entire world has changed in conditions of technological weaponry, and the days of charging the beaches (i.e. Normandy) and combating in the trenches (i.e. Globe War I) are navy practices of the earlier.
Make no blunder that what Vladimir Putin and his propaganda bogus information refer to as a “special military services action” is essentially an out and out unprovoked war. And in line with the lyrics from the 1970 war protest tune, it’s generated “absolutely nothing” thus significantly for Russia. In truth, it’s performed just the opposite. Associates of NATO and countries all around the environment are extra united than at any time in their support of the Ukrainian people’s battle to retain their independence.
The Russian army has been stymied at almost every change when it will come to controlling territory, and the shelling of harmless civilian targets has also turned public belief in the course of the globe from them. Observe that with the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and other major nations around the world and you have a condition in which the Russian economic system is on the brink of collapse and unrest in their personal place is growing working day by day. So as soon as once again I invoke the lyrics of the 1970 track all over again: “War. What is it excellent for?” in Russia: “Absolutely absolutely nothing.”
In the case of Ukraine, it’s obvious that “war” is also “good for certainly very little,” but in their circumstance “war” has turn out to be a required evil to protect freedom and their independence from Russia. In spite of preventing in opposition to a outstanding drive, they’ve finished a very darn very good job so far in spoiling Putin’s grand program of re-developing the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).
For Vladimir Putin to be regarded as by our previous president and other political and media hacks a difficult “strategic thinker” and a “genius,” the invasion of Ukraine hasn’t at all been a shining illustration of his brilliance. Rather of a military war with Ukraine, Vlad should’ve stuck to his usual script of overthrowing governments by influencing elections through pretend information and espionage – not engaging in a taking pictures war.
Jim Eller

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